Management Services

     We believe that a home’s value should be able to stand the test of time. To maintain and increase properties’ values over time, we have strived to provide great management services. At SUPREME, there are two phases of management services: design before construction, and services after the building has been completed.

     During the designing phase, we put importance on the idea that good design and high quality materials are a good start for good value. We believe that by selecting design, materials and equipment based on aesthetic value, functionality and cost of maintenance, properties owners’ burden will be decreased both in terms of future costs and ease of operation.  Moreover, we anticipate changes in technology advancement and residents’ requirement, and include these factors in planning for management services. Automation and possibility of future change to automation are figured into our design with the anticipation of future workforce change.  Also, use of solar energy to supply common area is planned to counter the increase cost of electricity.  

     Because of our involvement in the designing phase, we believe that our management team’s knowledge of the properties details will better equip the team to provide quality services for SUPREME properties. 

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