Comfortable Living

     We define comfortable living in terms of time, space, and nature. We have selected a location in the heart of Bangkok so that our customers will be able to spend less time commuting and more time at home enjoying leisure activities with their families. All of our projects are only minutes from the main business district of SILOM, SATHORN, RAMA III, NARATHIWAS, RAMA IV roads or Sukhumvit shopping area. Because of our properties’ proximity to both expressways, getting out of town for a weekend relaxation in Pattaya, Khao Yai, Hua Hin or any other popular destination is extremely convenient.    

     For us, home is not only a place to sleep and store your belongings. We have made our units spacious, providing a relaxing atmosphere and sufficient space for families to spend quality time together. We are also very particular about our design; there has to be a sense of privacy, while space and function remain uncompromised.

     Another type of space that we provide in our projects is fixed parking spaces; every customer in the project has their own reserved parking space. You can imagine the comfortable feeling of coming home every day knowing that there is a specific parking area for you.

     Nature, for us, is green area in the projects as well as natural ventilation.  The veranda will protect inside of the unit from the heat and decrease the need of air-conditioning. If desired, residents can open window for natural ventilation. 

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