Mr. Kurt Zbinden

       Supreme Group is a great company. They really manage and take care of the buildings they built very well. The management and staff are incredible. 
The building me and my wife live in, has only 7 floors with 2 apartments per floor. My wife and I do not like to live in high rise buildings with 30-40 floors. The security and maintenance of such buildings in Bangkok is mostly very poor.

       When we need something, the Supreme Team reacts and responds very quickly. Technicians are literally at the apartment in 5 minutes. 

       Of all the buildings I lived in over the more than 20 years in Bangkok, the buildings which are built and managed by Supreme Group are second to none. Supreme has set the benchmark for building and managing condominiums in Bangkok. 
       I would recommend to anybody living in a condominium built and managed by Supreme Group.

  • 02 679 8130-6

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